Roasted Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Seared Porcinis with Barley, Artichoke Heart, Caramelized Shallots, Water Chestnuts, in a Mushroom Broth
By Executive Chef John Kane,
Kane's Restaurant, Grass Valley, California

Serves 4:

Make Ahead: Mushroom Broth*

Mushroom Broth Ingredients:
5 oz. Dried Porcini Mushroom
2.5 qt. Water
TT Salt and Pepper (and other favorite seasonings)

Procedure for Broth:
1. Bring to near boil 2.5 qt. water with the 5 oz. dried mushrooms in it. Immediately turn heat to low. Let simmer till reduced by half. (1 - 2 hours.) Season with salt and pepper to taste.

2. Strain, discard the mushrooms or save for another recipe. Yields: 5/cups

Note: All other references to mushrooms in this recipe refer to Fresh Mushrooms.

Main Ingredients:
2 cups Fresh Hen of the Woods Mushrooms
2 cups Fresh Porcini Mushrooms (sliced)
4 tspn. Olive Oil
1 tspn. Salt and Pepper
1/4 cup Water Chestnut (cooked and sliced)
2 cups Barley (cooked)
2 Artichoke Hearts (cooked and sliced)
5 cups Mushroom Broth or Chicken Stock*
16 Shallots (peeled)

1. Place porcini mushroom in mushroom broth (or chicken stock) and simmer for 30 minutes or until stock is reduced by half. Strain out porcinis and save. Place Hen of the Wood mushrooms in stock and cover pan for 5 minutes until mushrooms are steamed and tender. Remove and save. Sauté porcinis in hot skillet with 1 tspn olive oil and brown. Set aside.

2. Sauté water chestnuts and artichoke hearts in 1 tspn. olive oil to heat. Place peeled shallots, 2 tspn. olive oil in skillet and slowly caramelize oven medium heat until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper.

To Assemble:
1. Divide barley in 4 separate bowls. Place Hen of the Woods mushrooms in center of bowl. Place artichoke hearts, porcinis, caramelized shallots, water chestnut around bowls.

2. Pour hot Mushroom Broth* or chicken stock over all. Serve.