Large Assorted Box

Large Assorted Box

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Vegetables and Fruit for Friday, August 14 Delivery:

Certified Organic:

  • Mesclun, 8 oz bag
  • Lettuce, Little Gem - 2 heads
  • Cucumber - 1 ea
  • Avocado - 2 ea
  • Italian Red Pepper - 2 ea
  • Cherry Tomato - 1 pt
  • Zucchini - 2-3 ea
  • Carrots - 1 bunch
  • New Potatoes - 2 lbs
  • Sweet Spanish Onion - 1 ea
  • Garlic - 2 heads
  • Plums - 3 ea
  • Pluots - 2 ea
  • Peaches - 2 ea
  • Apples - 3 ea
  • Melon - 1 ea
  • Maitake Mushrooms- 5 oz

Certified Organic Mesclun, Lettuce, Cucumber, Italian Red Pepper, Cherry Tomato, Zucchini, New Potatoes, Onions, and Maitake Mushrooms, are sourced locally from Willamette Valley farmers for the ultimate in freshness and quality.

Free delivery to the Eugene/Springfield area.

We deliver our boxes every Friday afternoon. Please place your orders by midnight Thursday for Friday afternoon delivery. Any orders placed after then will be delivered the following Friday.  Currently available for delivery in the Eugene/Springfield area only.

Please note from time to time we may run short on one item or another; in this case, we may substitute a similar item of equal or greater value.

    Featured This Week - Local Cantaloupe

    So sweet and perfect on a warm summer day, these delicious local melons come from Hermiston, Oregon. Hermiston is known for its unique temperature fluctuations that produce especially sweet melons... so tasty!

    Check for ripeness: Cantaloupes are ripe when they smell fragrant and give slightly around the blossom end, indicating the fruit is ready to eat. This wonderful seasonal delight is perfect all by itself, in a fruit salad, or on top of a green salad with fresh mint or basil.

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