Emily's Special
Produce Delivery

Delivered to your doorstep

Packed with Goodness

For over 20 years we have provided gourmet mushrooms and other wild and organically grown specialty produce items for high-end restaurants locally and around the country. MycoLogical Natural Products is known by renowned chefs and their trading partners for our in-depth knowledge of, and ability to source, unique quality products that bring gastronomic delight.

When the Coronavirus hit in the U.S., restaurants around the nation closed their doors all at once, affecting fresh ingredient suppliers like us. At the time we happened to have a cooler full of beautiful, organic, heirloom varieties of fresh citrus fruit with no restaurant customers to sell them to.

Emily, the daughter of MycoLogical’s founders, stepped in. She reached out to her local network and found homes for the delicious citrus fruit. Tango Tangerines, Tarocco Blood Oranges, Pink Lemons, and more found their way into the kitchens and mouths of delighted local families at an affordable price.

Emily, who is a college student and black belt in Taekwondo, grew up eating the quality wild mushrooms and organic produce that MycoLogical is known for. Her idea has blossomed into a regular produce delivery box filled with fresh, flavorful, organic and wild fruits and vegetables delivered to your door. It seemed only fitting that we name our produce delivery service after her. Thanks Emily!


The flavors in this citrus are so infinitely subtle and alarmingly tasty!

Tim Greathouse, citrus box customer

The two most impressive things about my Mycological box are being able to get uncommon varieties that you don't find in stores, and the super top notch quality of the produce. All the items were fresh, full of flavor and well packaged in recyclable packaging. I will be buying more in the future.

Sarah Grew, produce box customer