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Emily's Special Produce Delivery

Give yourself the gift of a weekly box of high quality produce delivered to your door. Organic, wild, heirloom, and local items are selected for you based on what is fresh and delicious, supplemented by some unique specialty items to make meals special.


Happy Produce Box Customers

The flavors of this citrus are infinitely subtle and so alarmingly tasty!

Tim Greathouse, citrus box customer

The two most impressive things about my Mycological box are being able to get uncommon varieties that you don't find in stores, and the super top notch quality of the produce. All the items were fresh, full of flavor and well packaged in recyclable packaging. I will be buying more in the future.

Sarah Grew, produce box customer

Amazing quality. Thinking of ways [my family] and I can use every scrap and crumb of these fruits. Thank you.

Citrus box customer

Fresh and Dried Mushrooms

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Dried Chiles and Spices

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Organic and Wild Foraged Specialty Produce

Coming Soon

Fresh and dried wild and organic gourmet mushrooms, a range of organic dried chile pepper varieties--whole and powdered, and other specialty produce items from the wild or sourced from organic growers...

MycoLogical Natural Products is known by renowned chefs and their trading partners for our in-depth knowledge of, and ability to source, unique quality products that bring gastronomic delight. We supply our delicious ingredients to grocery stores, restaurants, and specialty food distributors, and now directly to local Home Delivery Box customers too.

Don't live in Eugene? Stay tuned! We will soon have our products available for retail sale on our website for shipment to your location. Add your email below to receive updates. 

We will also have more information about our wholesale products on the website soon. In the meantime, we'd love to share more information about ordering and what we have available. Please contact us and someone from our sales team will be happy to speak with you.

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It Began with a Love of the Wild

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